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Is true digital reality, cryptocurrency of new generation growing under the new rules
E-DINAR - earns each
E-DINAR - rewards each
To join the Internet community E-DINAR, and become the owner of cryptocurrency E-DINAR, the volume of which is increasing by 20% per month, you need to do a few simple and exciting actions:

It is necessary to register on the website (registration link)

Send your money to the P2P E-DINAR Exchange, where you can buy cryptocurrency from other traders on the open market or buy E-DINAR currency in one of the certified site exchanger presented on our website (link to the list of Exchangers where you can buy E-DINAR)
Transfer E-DINAR currency to your wallet for the currency, which an Internet community E-DINAR has already created for you. It is created automatically and for free after your registration.
Watch for the increasing number of your currency by 20% per month.

At any time you can sell your E-DINAR currency at the exchange P2P (link to the exchange) or in one of the certified sites - exchangers. (Link to the site of the exchanger)

We remind you, because of mining the total amount of your currency E-DINAR increases by 20% monthly

The participation in the Internet community E-DINAR implies for the investor the increase of his income, which is composed of the following sources

The increase the volume of your cryptocurrency to 20% per month (during the first two years of Internet community E-DINAR)
Connecting shops and exchange offices to the payment service of E-DINAR by your referral link. You get 1% of the shops turnover that will connect through your referral link
The referral program allows you to receive bonuses from 7 lines to deep.

As time passes your partner network can grow to a staggering size. You will get profit from the purchases and transactions of people of whose existence you do not even have an idea

E-DINAR uses mining algorithm known as SHA256. This means that the software can be subsequently used in coordination with a network Bitcoin and Litecoin. Mining algorithm SHA-256 implies an extraordinarily high level of protection of the whole Internet community E-DINAR

To somehow damage or transform the algorithm from the outside, you need to attack on all computers at once of all the members of the network E-DINAR

This attack cannot make even supercomputers, which launch rockets into the space.

The process of extraction of cryptocurrency E-DINAR will be stopped when it is produced as a result of mining 22 million units of this currency.

According to the analytical department data, this process takes 2 calendar years plus or minus 7 days approximately

At the same time, the increase in the volume of electronic units of E-DINAR to the agreed rate of 20% per month will also be stopped since the shares of Internet community E-DINAR go to the exchange trading and the price of the currency will be determined by the market.

MARKETING PLAN - Internet community E-DINAR

Marketing Plan- Internet-community E-DINAR is a simple and clear scheme of work for people.

As known, all ingenious is simple, and all that difficult - is not working.

Talking about marketing - plan E-DINAR is easy, simple and clear, despite the fact that E-DINAR is a huge an online community that includes the following

Cryptocurrency E-DINAR, working on technology Blockchain
Online - the University education of E-DINAR
Social Community E-DINAR
The network of independent websites - exchangers working mode 24/7
The Exchange P2P
Two online stores
Web studio

Marketing Plan E-DINAR step by step

1. Each partner of community passes a simple registration procedure. Registration is via one of the social networks. Registration can be done through one of the social networks.

2. After registration, a partner acquires cryptocurrency E-DINAR by any convenient method

3. Ways to buy currency: Websites exchangers, Exchange P2P, internal transfer to your Personal Account (Presented all the major banks and EIR of the world.)

4. Cryptocurrency E-DINAR is growing in volume by 20% per month, due to the algorithm developers pledged.

5. Percent of volume accrued daily

6. The minimum amount for purchase of E-DINAR - $ 1

7. At any moment, partner can sell the required amount of units E-DINAR and change it by any convenient way, to any convenient currency of EPS or bank.

8. The minimum amount for selling of E-DINAR is equivalent of $ 10

9. The total number of units currency E-DINAR is increasing in volume till the number of 22 million units (2 calendar years to +/- 7 days). Limited and final amount of currency units E-DINAR, is a huge advantage and is a guarantee of liquidity

10. There can be registered only two accounts from one computer in the community.

The mission of E-DINAR is to unite people by the general idea - promotion and popularization the community itself and its cryptocurrency.

In addition to the income by increasing volume of cryptocurrency by 20% per month in the community also provided ...


20% per month

Accepted currencies: PM, Payeer, BTC.

Referral commission:
Mining bonus is paid with the monthly passive income of the partner from the growth of volume of personal exchange E-DINAR, up to the 7 level of depth

Each of the following levels has a letter designation.

A 45% of a monthly income of You personally invited
B 22% a monthly income of You invited guests
C 1,5% a monthly income of the partner from third to seventh line
D 1,5%
E 1,5%
F 1,5%
G 1,5%

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