It's been a while since I have not shared much, so I make you share the strategy I currently testing and made me look rather interesting.
This strategy does not require a lot availability because just being in front of his PC at 7am GMT (9am in France, opening london) and / or 12 gmt (14h in France opening NY), to take one or more trade, all depends if the 'apply several pairs (despite their correlations).
This strategy provides a nice success rate (90% for me at the moment but in only 20 trades) because of the tight construction and its wide SL The PP ratio is well below 1 but there profitability of the system based on the number of winning trade.
The basic strategy uses a SuperTrend for decision making and the MACD and DMI as filter to confirm this decision.
me something I can change, I put the template and indicators available in the resource section of the site METATRADER.
So I used only XSUPERTREND and Donchian to my stop, I also THV Info Panel for even the countdown to the new candle. For MM, you are free to use your own.
TF = 30 min
XSUPERTREND = 10, 3 trend indicator (to modify the template to download, I forgot to adjust before posting)
Donchian = 48 (24 hours) indicator above and below (ie above and below the last 24h)
Strategy: The trade fair is opened before the opening of the sessions, so a few seconds or minutes before the close of the candle 6:30 GMT, if the price is above XSUPERTREND you buy, if it is below you sell, the TP is fixed at 15 pips, the SL is the last fixed lower / upper 48 period so using Donchian.
For the afternoon session the same, you take the trade a few seconds / minutes before the close of the candle 11:30 GMT. < br>
In the original it is advisable to close the trade at 12 am gmt, the market price if SL or TP strategy was not affected when the session starts in the afternoon , I let the trade run to share if for example I sell the morning, and my 12 gmt XSUPERTREND tell me to buy, then I cut, otherwise, if the direction is confirmed to 12pm gmt, well I open Feb. 1 th position in addition to the morning still in
- Filter signals to select only the trades that meet certain criteria ration PP <. br> - Filter signals using other indicators (I still favor the simple system with smart MM)
- Other management STOP
- Martingale (for the more daring)

I hope I was clear, I put to you the following links to download the system, do not forget to set the XSUPERTREND, and if a programmer wants to have fun is to automate simple system that I do sign, I would be very interested to have at least the possibility of a fairly representative backtest (provided it is reliable and it must take into account the change of hours involved two times per year)