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    ExpertMoneyGroup Forum Rules

    EMG Rules and Procedures

    Well, Talk about PTC/Forex/HYIP/MLM and more... is in a way, a free speech forum, meaning that you can voice your opinion, no matter what it is, as long as you don't violate anyone else's rights with insults and whatnot.

    1. Posting New Topics

    Please read specific forum rules/guidelines which are posted above each individual forum before posting.

    Posts Must Be In ENGLISH:
    EMG is an English speaking forum and all posts must be made in English. The only exception is when posting in the "International Chat" forums.

    No Double Posts/Threads :
    Before send any new Thread in the forum, after write Thread Subject, make sure you won't be making a duplicate thread.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Also You are not allowed to double post a same program twice. Do a "search" before starting a new thread.

    If a thread is inactive and needs to be moved to the current section, use the REPORT button.

    Use Correct Topic Format:

    When announcing a new program on the forum, please follow the proper format or your thread could be deleted without notice. The Title line has to have the name of the program and then the URL, nothing else. The 2nd line or sub-title should show payment processors, investment plan, and any other relevant info.
    ExpertMoneyGroup - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (no ref link in title)
    QIWI, Perfect Money, EgoPay. YIP/Forex/Matrix Plan's

    DO NOT Post
    • Any type of hacking software or script or anything else that could used for illegal activities.
    • A blog or website listing programs and/or referral links. You can post personal sites once in the Ads & Promo section if you are an upgraded member.
    • Do not post/thread adult (porn) theme.
    • Do not post the same thread in multiple forums. Find the most relevant forum and post it only once.
    • You are not allowed to post any Money Making Forum similar to (EMG)

    2. Referral Links, Signatures, Avatars & Hijacking

    Referral Links:
    Referral links are only allowed in the first post of any topic.

    • Do NOT place any currency exchange offers or Your site link or any link in your signature unless you meet the EMG guidelines for doing member-to-member exchanges. You must have an upgraded EMG PREMIUM account, AND have been a member for at least 45 days, AND have 250 posts to be eligible.
    • You CANNOT place banner or GIF/PNG/JPEG in your signature, Just PREMIUM account can add banner in signature.
    • You are not allowed to hijack referral links by asking people to click on your signature or by giving cashback offer other then in the Benefactor and Cashback offer Section.
    • As usually you can add 2 line signature with Maximum 200 characters.

    Avatars & Usernames:
    Avatars can not have excessive flashing effects. Avatars & Usernames must be in good taste and they cannot impersonate EMG admin or moderators or any other member. Determination of appropriateness is at the sole discretion of EMG Staff.

    You are not allowed to hijack referral links by asking people to click on your signature or by giving cashback offer other then in the Benefactor and Cashback offer Section.

    3. SPAM
    • You are not allowed to spam your program on Anyone caught spamming will be suspended or banned.
    • Do not send PM spam or you will be banned immediately.
    • Do not "bump" threads by making pointless posts just to bring a thread back to the top of the topic index. Short and repetitive posts such as "looking", "I'm in", and "Where is admin" or anything similar are considered spam and are unacceptable. Members engaging in useless posting in order to get their "post count" up will be banned for spamming. These posts do not contribute anything to the community and are a waste of space.

    If you run a monitor site, blog or other website:
    • Do not post links of any kind to your blog or monitor, these belong in your signature.
    • Do not post things like "There is a review on my blog/monitor, click below to read", "I published a review, please read on my blog". Instead share a part of your review, for instance the most important points and then feel free to mention where to go to read more of the details.
    • If you have a monitor service and would like to make an offer to the program's admin, please do not post them in the program thread. Please contact the program's admin through "e-mail" or "support" center on their site.

    If you have 5 warning in EMG forum, your account will be banned for 1 month

    4. Professional Conduct

    Do not create multiple MMG accounts
    Anyone caught having multiple accounts will be banned immediately/Manually.

    Be courteous and professional:
    There will be no personal attacks, name-calling, racist remarks, fighting, making threats or using foul language! We have a diverse community here with differing opinions and thoughts. Everyone is entitled to state their opinion, even if it is an opposing opinion, as long as the MMG rules are followed. YOU are not allowed to engage in arguments with other members, please use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules. Determination of what constitutes a personal attack, name-calling, etc. is at the sole discretion of EMG Staff.

    No Trolling:
    Stating your opinion and trolling are different things. If you are bringing a constant and negative attitude to the forums by continually posting the same repetitive information, we will consider it trolling. Do not spread lies, rumors, or make unsubstantiated claims. If you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth then please post the proof to back up your statement. Determination of trolling is at the sole discretion of EMG Staff. It is not YOUR job to "call out" or attack someone you feel is trolling, use the REPORT button if you feel someone is violating forum rules.

    Impersonating EMG or Staff:
    If you are found to be impersonating EMG admin or any other staff members within or outside of EMG via email, spoofing, or any other methods, you will be immediately banned from this forum. Do not use the MoneyMakerGroup or EMG name to promote anything or mislead others. Any action or behavior that attempts to make others believe that EMG/ is sponsoring, endorsing, approving, or involved in any program, offer, or other enterprise will also result in removal from the forum.

    For earn Money from EMG Please read EMG Earner Rules.

    Rules Update: Wednesday - 2013 07 August

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